EML 200 PREMIUM - The quiet test sieve shaker

Introducing the new EML 200 models - Pure, Premium and Remote. Their design represents a smooth evolution. Unobtrusive yet comprehensive changes have been made from top to bottom. The new machines are modern, of premium value and elegant. Their sleek and plain form pleasingly fits in the laboratory environment. All of the test sieve shakers are driven electromagnetically while generating a three-dimensional sieving motion with automatic amplitude. Test sieves with a diameter of 50 mm to 203 mm can be used on all machines.

Information about the product

The HAVER EML 200 Premium offers a comfort improvement - the machine is much quieter than ever before. Transmission of vibrations to the base is greatly reduced utilising an improved dampening system. The extra-large display offers operators an excellent overview and is userfriendly. The new EML Premium is ideally suited for users who demand precision and reproducible sieve analyses.

All technical features at a glance

HAVER EML 200 Premium - Indisputable good.

  • free intervall selection up to 3 mm
  • extra-large display with easy and logical operation
  • upgraded cushioning system
  • very quiet
  • Ethernet interface
  • high-grade, anodized aluminium surfaces
  • storage possibility for various sieving modes
  • re-calibration of amplitudes
  • network-voltage- and frequency-independent
  • approx. 3 kg sample weight
  • test sieve diameters from 50 mm to 203 mm
  • Clamping system Classic or quick-release clamping system "Twin Nut"

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